Megan Avalon


Stats: 5-6, 130 pounds - all muscle,  36D chest, 24 in. waist, 36 hips, biceps: 13.5, thighs:24, calves:16"
Location: Bay Area, San Francisco, Marin County & Sonoma County, CA - frequent visitor to Southern California and Las Vegas
Specialities: scissors sessions, semi-competitive and fantasy wrestling, scissors, muscle worship, foot worship, domination, role play, posing, arm wrestling

Additional Information

Megan is a 5'6" Young woman who is a natural athlete and fitness competitor. Blond hair, blue eyes, looks like a "Buff Beach Barbie". Beautifully defined muscles and very strong too.  She has well developed leg, thigh and upper body muscles.  She is very quick. But most of all, she will knock you over or disable you with her beauty and sexuality."

Megan says she loves to dominate men with her physical and sensual powers, that she says, no man can resist.

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