5-5, 180-190 pounds off-season, 165-170 contest shape, blonde, blue eyes, 17-18" biceps, Calves: 16”, quad: 26”, 8.5 shoe size with sexy feet.   Squat: 400 pounds for 5 reps, hack squat: 720pounds, leg press 1000 pounds , dead lift: 270 pounds, bench: 160 pounds, biceps curl: 110 pounds
Location: Montreal.  Also available when traveling: Quebec, Ontario and in US  to see bodybuilding shows and do sessions and available by advance appointment in Montreal.
Specialities: sexy posing, arm wrestling, muscle workship, massage oil and webcam shows. I do not offer sex or escort services. I am not interested in matches with anyone who does not respect my boundaries.   
Additional Information
Trapacilicious says: "I have big strong leg and big bubble booty….sexy smile.   I’m a big FBB sexy and charming. My upper body is huge. My traps, arms and back are very big. My legs are also very big and muscular.  I’m combining muscles with feminity and beauty.

I'm a national level bodybuilder competing for my pro card and work as a muscle model. I've done photo shoots for AweFilms, FTVideo, muscle angels, herbiceps, herbicepscam, HDPhysiques, femflex, and several other female bodybuilder sites.

Please book well in advance as the number of my sessions is always strictly limited. A small deposit is required via PayPal or Western Union. You get an immediate notice and a refund should I have to cancel your session"
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