Asia, Australia and New Zealand Travelers List

Note that will be updated infrequently if at all Mar. 1- Mar. 22.  Plan Accordingly

20 February 2015

Far East

  • Empress Asia, email anytime when booking; please include your cell, so I can call when I arrive.  If you wish to  book or add your city? please contact Immediately! Looking forward to a Great Session! anytime = e-mail
    • Feb. 19-22 Delhi & Agra (Taj Mahal) +91 9873495935 (only during visit)
    • Feb. 23-26 Mumbai - *Asia alone or w/ Amrita *2 Lady session available! Serious enquires only! Deposit required! +91 9873495935 (only during visit)
  • Mistress Amrita,
    • Feb. 23-26 Mumbai - Amrita alone or w/ Empress Asia *2 Lady session available, serious enquires only! deposit
Shri Lanka

New Zealand

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