Stats: 5-6 (168 cm) 120 pounds (54.4 kg), slim physique, born: 1993, slim physique
Location:  Los Angeles
E-mail: PoleKatKrissy@gmx.com
Specialties: Catfighting, Female vs Female, fe,ale vs male under strict boundaries, Pillow Fights, Posing

Additional Information

Hi Guys! I am new to the session world of wrestling, but for a 25 old I can certainly kick ass!. I session with females and  now start with you guys.

If you are looking to book a session, or to have custom videos made, I will require the following information when emailing:

1. Name, Age, Height, Weight & Country/City you reside in.

2. The type of session you are looking for, duration, and  *REFERENCES*

3. A non-refundable prepayed deposit of $7 one to two weeks prior to our session, via PayPal, E-transfer or Western Union.

4. I DO NOT do anything which is Sex Related so do not even ask!

5. Email exchanges are to be kept to a *minimum*. I will not engage in ongoing back and forth emails. If you are a serious client, it does not take many email exchanges to get to the point! Please do not waste my time!

During my sessions/fights, I like to have fun and play fair. Competition is fine, but hurting one another is not. Hygene is EXTREMELY important for me, so make sure you come clean and smelling like a rose! My availabilities vary.

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